Facebook Gaming Hiked 238 Percent in April, with 1.65 Billion Hours Played Longest Game on Twitch

  • YouTube viewership grew by 65 per cent during the month of April (year to year).
  • Users watched YouTube for 461 billion hours and Facebook gaming platform for 291 hours

San Francisco. The reason for the lockdown is that people are spending their time through online gaming at home. According to the report, during the month of April (year-over-year), Facebook gaming hours saw a huge increase of 238 per cent. This is followed by live game streaming platform Twitch, which saw an increase of 101 per cent in gaming hours and 65 per cent in YouTube viewership.

The most watched 1.65 billion hours of twitch
Live streaming data analytics platform StreamElement and Arsenal reported in their report that – if you talk about which platform spent the most hours, Twitch’s name comes at the top, which clocked 1.65 billion hours. At the same time, YouTube received 461 billion hours and Facebook Gaming clocked 291 hours. However, the lowest increase was seen in Microsoft Mixer, which saw an increase of just 0.2 per cent in gaming hours.

YouTube saw 1.1 billion hours in first quarter
According to new data from the live-streaming software service StreamLabs, the Facebook game streaming platform received nearly 554 million hours in the first quarter of 2020 (i.e. between January to March, compared to YouTube’s 1.1 billion hours and Twitch’s 3.1 billion hours watched. was seen.

Facebook Gaming App was launched only last month
Facebook launched its own gaming app for Android on the Google Play Store last month. Facebook Gaming App is free but on it millions of users can watch and stream live games from their smartphone. Facebook saw the most significant leap in terms of personal development, benefiting greatly from the release of its standalone gaming app and hosting several successful celebrity tournaments.



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